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A Year in Review, 2015…the good, the bad and the CAKE MIRACLES!

Let’s start with the good, we are often asked what our favorite cakes were to make, here are our top picks from 2015…

Melissa’s favorite wedding cake…

Stacey’s favorite wedding cake…

Melissa’s favorite special occasion cake…

Stacey’s favorite special occasion cake…

Next onto Best Client reaction to a cake – this one was a tie! Jumping and screaming to tears of joy, these clients were very happy with thier cakes.

Now for the Bad, our least favorite caking moments…

Stacey’s least favorite caking moment - delivering this lovely and giant cake - up three floors, Stacey on her tippy toes holding up the top tier while Melissa doweled the cake together, all on a flaoting wooden dance floor

Since we both can’t pick the same, Melissa’s least favorite caking moment would have to be the Stacey stencil moment, Stacey was frustrated with a stencil and reached her breaking point, it was the first time Melissa had seen Stacey this way, Melissa learned do not talk to Stacey in a "moment" - even if you are just offering to wash the stencil.

Last but definitely not least, The CAKE MIRACLES

Top Three Cake Miracles of 2015 1. Realized at 11pm we were short a wooden cupcake stand, we had bases for a stand of Stacey’s and extra center poles from a stand of Melissa’s, both made by different carpenters - and both with the same size dowel and screws - CAKE MIRACLE 2. Stacey hand painted a Cavs logo for a hat cake - spent three hours creating the logo ahead of time - long story short - the now dried flat logo needed to have a curve to lay right on the hat. Did you know you can microwave gum paste to re soften it?!?! CAKE MIRACLE

3. Delivering a five tier wedding cake, the bottom four tiers were already stacked, the top tier was boxed up - a car pulled out right in front of us and we had to slam on the brakes. The weight of the stacked tiers kept it safe and in place however the top tier slid on its board and was caught by a 1/16 inch lip, which prevented the cake from sliding into the side of the box - CAKE MIRACLE

Many Thanks to all our clients, 2015 was a great year and we are excited to see what 2016 brings!

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